Priestess Orden - Priestess Circle - Priestess Education

I have been holding this Priestess course with roots from Priestess training in the Lemurian and Atlantis history for many, many years... since 1983 when I started up with a light and shorter course. Since 1988 the course have been almost exactly as today, except for new findings that are added in the course letters when something new is found somewhere in the World.

When I got permission to use many of the memories and secrets from the Great Continents I went to the Maltese Islands and sat there during a long time because I wanted to get the right energies to remember my old lifes as Adept, Priestess, Hight Priestess in many of my old Lifes there in the ancient first cult. The Cult of the Goddess. Today I am living in the 4th of the islands in the heart of Lemuria and Atlantis, the Island today situated outside the east coast of Sweden, Island of Gotland.

I also got clear instructions from the Goddess when I sat during the different Moon phases in her Temple.... with the Water in front of me, energyfilled stones around me and this Old Heart Center of Lemuria and Atlantis under my feet.

I became incredible happy when I got permission to start this up again. Yes, I say again as I was one of them, the High Priestesses, starting this cult and education up in the ancient time, many eons from now.

This Priestess education is different from other Priestess educations. Many of my Priestess adepts taking other Priestess educations say that my Priestess education has a width. When other educations concentrates in one era or one geographic area my education runs from Lemuria and Atlantis over all High Cultures as Egypt, Svani, Avalon to the Vani and Aesir into the modern World.

Why? Because all things are connected. Coming from the same source. That is why all information has to be collected for a wholeness and for giving answers.

The first year of the Priestess education is a year of different imformations - from the early beginning, through ages and eras and with some astronomy from the first and ancient times.

Second year continues with these different informations but on a deeper level. End of second year is about the Priestess Magic Year of the Wheel. Why second year? I want my adepts to learn about some other history Before beginning Learning about the Wheel of the Year. Now You learn about celebrating this in different times in history and in different places on Gaia.

Third year is about the Moon, Mantras, High Cultures and Divination as head Points.

If You want to continue year 4-6 it will be in the direction of Your choice. When ending year 6 You are a High Priestess/High Priest.

Some semesters a gift is included. First year You will get a Book of Priestess when coming to Practise Days. Every initiation - year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 You will get a pendant for that Wheel of Year of the Wheel.

If You want to teach this after Your initiation year 6 and the practise year after You have to talk individually with me about this. After this, not earlier, You can teach other people about this. Nothing in the letters or what I tell is to be told to others Before talking to me as all contents in my letters are COPYRIGHT protected.

When Walking the path 3 Wheel of Years in the education You are allowed to, if You belong to Goddess religion Temple of the Eternal Goddess/Den Oändliga Gudinnans Tempel, open a local Temple up and hold funerals, give names and handfast. 

I just accept a few adepts in every course, 4-9 adepts. This course is now given partly as e-letters with exercises and some meetings ending each year with practise Days in the Inner Archipelargo in Stockholm. You start the course when You want to start, no dates You have to follow for starting. But Practise Days in Stockholm archipelargo always have a specific date. If a group from another country than Sweden want me to come to them for practise days it is ok, but I will charge a sum for transport to the country and staying at a hotel.

N.B. To get initiated every Wheel of Year You of course have to send all exercises You have done to me by mail. 

First Wheel of Year - 2 semesters as an adept. Practise in Stockholm archipelargo.

You will learn about the oldest history about the Goddess, feel a Little working with the runes and ogham runes and much more. In the exercises You are visiting dimensions where You learn a bit about old Lifes of Yours. You are to do the same exercises as the Priestess adepts did in the old cult in the Atlantis era.

During Practise Days we use the Atlantic chanting ( a healing of water the Priestesses in Atlantis did every day), we work at the different places of high energy with different ritual/ceremonial exercises. We are working at the Portal among the Song Line in Contact with Stonehenge, Ale Stenar, Wavel and some more places. During practise days we are making different ritual objects.

Second Wheel of Year - 2 semesters as a Lowest Priestess. Practise in Stockholm archipelargo.

You are getting deeper into the Secrets of the Priestess. Now it is time to learn everything about the Goddess Wheel of Year, diving deeper into the meaning and magic of Runes and Ogham Runes. In Practise Days You will learn the ritual of stone energy. We will make special wands for ceremonies. And this is just a Little part of what You will do....

Third Year of Wheel - 2 semesters as a nearly done Priestess. Practise in Stockholm archipelargo.

You will learn the last of the secrets of Atlantis. During practise Days You will be initiated as a done Priestess of Lemuria and Atlantis. From here You can continue 6 more semesters to get to teach parts of this education after talking to me. 

Fourth Year of the Wheel - 2 semesters as a Priestess i Knowledge. Practise in Stockholm archipelargo.

Now You will experience the many secrets and magic meanderings deep inside You. 

Fifth Year of the Wheel - 2 semesters as a Priestess in Wisdom. Practise in Stockholm archipelargo.

Now You experience the many secrets and magic meanderings deep inside You. 

Sixth Year of the Wheel - 2 semesters as the Step to High Priestess. Practise in Stockholm archipelargo.

Now You seal the many secrets and magic meanderings deep inside You, 

What are You to learn??

To opening up for Contact with our Sister-planets, as the Pleiades, Sirius and other planets. You will learn to keep in Contact with the immemorial Mothers and Priestesses Powers once serving the Goddess in the Great Continents Lemuria and Atlantis. Also of course the Contact with our Goddesses Freya, Frigga, Nerthus and Idun. You are to travel a lot of dimension journeys and Atlantis journeys and also some regression journeys as a group. The healing You have in Your hands will be released for You to use. We chant the special healing Atlantis-tunes as often as possible. You learn to see auras, to see what is happening or will happen in the water and other divination forms. You will also create a lot of ceremonies and rituals, hold Your own Goddess offerings with food, drink, seeds and herbs. You will learn protection and the Wheel of the Year. And of course You will learn some of the old secrets and knowledges of the Priestesses that all Priestesses in the Great Continents knew about. And much more...

Notice that:

)O( You cannot bring Children, friends, partners to meetings of the course and practise Days. Why?? You will loose concentration, Your co-adepts could be disturbed and so may I. Even for the sake of Your Children. The meetings of the course is for the ones taking my course... no others.

)O( You have to be minimum 18 years old to participate in my Courses, rituals and ceremonies.

)O( Remember that this course have a really good and low price, I don´t earn so many swedish kronor...and that is how it shoul be. No one else should do this either... if not all the "everyone should efford to participate"-consept not working.

)O( If I consider that one of the adepts should quit the education I will tell. Also remember this education is under the protection of the Goddess. She is telling me if something should be added or taken away. Or mayby be changed from one semester to Another.

)O( In the price no food or living includes.

Information about fee, cancellation, payment:

If You want to apply You just fill the application in (You will find it under next page "Prästinnekurs" as an under page) and send to me.

When accepted You will send 2000 SEK/semester. Easiest for the ones not living in Sweden is by Paypal. If You want to have the course printed and sent by snailmail the cost will be higher. Ask for price. 

Remember that the price/semester You paid when starting the course is what You are paying every semester even if I raise the price.

If You drop the course You already started I don´t give any Money back.

If You drop later than 4 weeks Before a course starts I will keep an administration fee of 500 SEK.

In this course the fee is not possible to pay a little now and then. 

In the Name of the Great Goddess I am working as Always with the Prosperous and Ancient Mother Energy of the Goddess. Listen to the echo from the once living in the ancient times!!

I welcome You to my Priestess education - Walk the Priestess Path with me )O(

Tove Aradala